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Message of the Chairman

Message of the Chairman

45 years of experience that has been gained since 1975 brings us important responsibilities. In the footsteps of my dear father Idris Korkmaz, who opened our path as one of the first NG Kütahya Ceramic dealers in Turkey in 1989, I have always been on the prowl of sticking to his principles of honesty, diligence and stability under all circumstances.

From 1996 to today, in my nearly 25 years of business life, I have worked in line with these principles with all my strength for the development and investments of our company. When I received the Loyalty Award of our NG Kütahya ceramic dealership, which we have maintained continuously for 30 years, from Mr. Erkan Gural, chairman of NG Kütahya Ceramic Board, I felt the meaning of the word stability and the responsibility it brings much more deeply.

From now on, we will work harder and continue to see the satisfaction of our customers and business partners that brought us to this day as our main priority. While we plan our investments for this purpose in the coming period, we will continue to create new economic values for our region with the approach of being a business partner of many valuable brands with which we sell their products in our stores.
While I express my infinite gratitude to our precious customers who prefer our company in their domestic and international projects, I wish 2020 to bring success and well-being to our developing and growing country, our business community and all our stakeholders.

Gökhan Korkmaz
Civil Engineer (M.Sc.)Korkmaz Construction Group
Chairman of the Board